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Enhancing Vulnerability Operations through Cytix and OpenVAS Integration.

Ever thought about the crucial role of open-source tools in the field of cybersecurity? These tools drive innovation, equipping the security community with robust resources to combat emerging threats. At Cytix, we believe in the tremendous value of opensource security tools.

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Our mission is to bridge the gap between security testing and vulnerability management. With this new integration, our existing technology seamlessly combines with OpenVAS to track changes and automatically deploy OpenVAS whenever there is a potential for a new vulnerability to be released. Customers need a way to quickly and efficiently identify vulnerabilities in their infrastructure, and by merging the capabilities of Cytix and OpenVAS, we aim to do just that.

Unlimited Scanning of Infrastructure

One of the key advantages of integrating Cytix with OpenVAS is the ability to perform unlimited scanning of an organisation's infrastructure. Regardless of the size, every server, device, and network component can be scanned without incurring additional costs. This accessibility is particularly beneficial for small and mid-sized enterprises seeking to enhance their cybersecurity measures.

Comprehensive Vulnerability Detection

OpenVAS, a renowned open-source vulnerability scanner, is known for its accuracy in identifying security weaknesses. By integrating OpenVAS with Cytix, organisations gain the capability to not only detect vulnerabilities but also identify missing patches, updates, known vulnerabilities (CVEs), and weak configurations. This comprehensive approach ensures that the infrastructure remains secure against both known and emerging threats.

Discovery Scans

When a new server or device is detected within the infrastructure, conducting a swift scan using Cytix and OpenVAS allows for the identification of potential weaknesses. This proactive approach ensures that any new addition to the infrastructure is promptly assessed for vulnerabilities, reducing the window of exposure to cyber threats.

Rapid Response to Public Vulnerabilities

Organisations can scan their entire infrastructure for new, public vulnerabilities as soon as they are announced. This rapid response capability ensures that organisations are prepared to address the latest threats, thereby safeguarding their assets and data from potential breaches.

By leveraging the power of Cytix and OpenVAS integration, organisations can enhance their vulnerability identification processes, strengthen their cybersecurity posture, and effectively protect their infrastructure from evolving cyber threats.

Automating Deployment for Immediate Vulnerability Response

Real-Time Tracking: The system keeps a constant watch over your digital landscape, instantly picking up on any changes. For instance, when a new server is detected through discovery, we can run a scan against it to identify weaknesses immediately.

Immediate Deployment: When there's even a hint of a new vulnerability after any change is made, OpenVAS is put into action without delay, ensuring that your security is proactive and responsive. For example, when a new public vulnerability is announced, we can scan your entire asset for it right away.

Effortless Vigilance: You can rest easy, knowing that the integration handles the task of monitoring changes, allowing you to concentrate on your business.

Tailored Security: No two organisations are the same, and your security measures shouldn't be either. The integrated solution allows for customisation and adapts to your unique security requirements.

Cytix is a unique  vulnerability operations platforms that enables businesses to eliminate vulnerability debt. or vulnerability backlog  and this integration of Cytix with OpenVAS offers unlimited scanning of infrastructure, comprehensive vulnerability detection, discovery scans for new additions, and rapid response to public vulnerabilities. This integration enhances vulnerability identification processes, strengthens cybersecurity posture, and automates deployment for immediate vulnerability response, providing tailored security measures for organizations.

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