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Security Testing Orchestration - A Symphony Worth Listening To?

If you work in the field of cybersecurity, you must know all about the pain of dealing with false positives.

Rashi P

Security operations centres (SOCs) ofen grapple with a significant challenge: the occurrence of false positives, where alerts inaccurately signal the presence of a security threat within a particular environment.

One of the most laborious tasks in the world of cybersecurity is piecing together alert details to determine if a security event poses a genuine threat. It involves correlating data from various sources and coordinating the appropriate response.

This is where Testing Orchestration comes in. 

While "orchestration" might not be a new term, its application in cybersecurity is a relatively recent development. Just as DevOps orchestration automates infrastructure deployment, security orchestration aims to streamline security processes, powering security automation.

Read on to learn more about this symphony.

What Exactly Is Security Orchestration?

The technique of combining various security systems and linking security tools is known as security orchestration. It acts as the keystone for streamlining security procedures and allowing security automation.

Battling Alert Fatigue and Intrusion

The sheer amount of data that security systems generate in today's cybersecurity environment can seem daunting. SOCs frequently experience alert fatigue, which might result in missed intrusions. Security orchestration can help in this situation. It facilitates the seamless flow of data and tasks within your SOC by integrating existing tools and processes into repeatable, automated workflows.

Imagine being able to integrate your processes, tools, and systems so that you may use automation as necessary. Your security staff may concentrate on contextual decision-making and quick reactions rather than labour-intensive, manual operations. After all, rather than being bogged down by tiresome, manual activities, security specialists should use their expertise to respond to situations quickly and effectively.

Rescuing Complex, Reactive Processes

Automation of security operations and processes is the need of the hour. Manually managing several security tools and processes has grown more difficult and ineffective, increasing the possibility of human error. For instance, investigating common threats like phishing emails can be time-consuming when done manually, leaving room for mistakes.

The reality is that modern security teams often employ a variety of vendors and tools to protect their organizations effectively. However, this diversity introduces complexity that can be challenging to manage. Security orchestration steps in to automate routine investigative tasks, ensuring accuracy and freeing up more time for human insight and response. It also allows CISOs to make the most of their security budgets by orchestrating the integration between security products, ensuring the best protection while maintaining efficiency. 

Streamlined Workflows for Complex Processes

Security orchestration can empower you to translate complex processes into seamless, automated workflows. Take user provisioning and de-provisioning, for instance. While single sign-on (SSO) solutions simplify the login process, not all applications support SSO. Security orchestration offers a reliable solution, automating user addition or removal based on different scenarios and custom workflows, ensuring access only goes to employees who require it.

The Future of Security Operations

Security orchestration is poised to revolutionize security operations by empowering teams to focus on strategic insights and building robust defence layers. The best part? It doesn't require discarding your existing tools. Instead, it enhances their value by weaving an orchestration layer to connect the dots between each tool, providing a more comprehensive view in the event of an incident.

With security orchestration and automation in place, the daily activities of security teams finally become manageable. It's time to jump on the bandwagon and let your security orchestration be your saviour. Need help learning more about it? We’re right here! Connect with us today. 

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