2 Feb
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Unlock the potential of integrations for increased collaboration and consolidation

For any security leader, it is essential to have visibility and control over the assets your organisation uses. In today's complex digital landscape, this means facing the challenge of managing multiple testing solutions.

Thomas Ballin

The need for increased collaboration and consolidation across suppliers is driving growing demand for products that enable integration with the tools you already use.

We believe that Penetration-Testing-as-a-Service (PTaaS) should be about providing a comprehensive solution for this requirement, allowing for easy integrations with existing tools and services while unlocking the additional capabilities of manual testing.

Why not just combine the tools yourself?

Tieing together the tools you need by hand is absolutely an option you should consider. It's probably something you're already doing. But your time is valuable and, when the average business is using over 57 security tools, there are likely many things you would rather be doing than sifting through the false positives and noise for several hours a day.

What's more, the benefits of a single-pane-of-glass solution don't just come down to the valuable metrics you can access. They also save you money and increase the performance of your external testing provider; By feeding the results of automated scans directly to pentesters, you can cut down on repetative tasks so that they can focus on what's still unknown.

Why is integration better than building everything ourselves?

First and foremost, there are some brilliant people out there already doing some incredible things; Scanning engines capable of mimicking the TTPs of real-world threat actors, and AI engines capable of finding bugs in code that has been through hundreds of reviews. We know what we're best at, and that's integrating security testing into your workflow, and we understand each of their respective strengths, so why compete when we can join forces and provide the best all-around solution?

Secondly, R&D is expensive and involves diminishing returns. 20 years ago scanners could identify 40% of vulnerabilities, 10 years ago it was 70%, and now it's more like 80%. The gap is shrinking by less every year. Meanwhile, the cost is constantly growing, as more developers, researchers, and engineers are needed to solve each new challenge. It's the Pareto principle in action.

By understanding the limitations of current tools and bridging the gap with manual testers, we can ensure that we're always offering the most efficient and effective way to achieve the coverage you need.

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