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21 Mar
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What Cytix Believes In

Cytix is a vulnerability prevention platform with a team of dedicated security testers focused on the mission of integrating security testing into every workflow. Our mission is clear, but what values drive that mission?

Giovanni Setyawan


Collaboration is the best way to build, improve and succeed. At Cytix, collaborating means working within our organization, with our customers, and with the technology community as a whole. This will accelerate our growth potential in a massive way because we’ll be able to adopt all of the best skills and resources that the world has to offer.

Strive for Solutions

A solution is more than just addressing what's directly in front of you. It’s also about understanding why that problem exists in the first place, what the different ways to approach the problem might be, and how it can be addressed in the most efficient and sustainable way. By always striving for solutions, we build scalable and long-term capabilities that don’t just fix problems, but also remove them.

Ask yourself: Why?

“Why” is the most important question to any successful business.

Why do we do things in a particular way?

Why is the customer choosing our solution (or a different one)?

More broadly, why do we exist as an entity at all?

By trying to understand not just what we do, and how we do it, but also "why" will we ensure that everyone in the business has shared goals that we are all working towards.

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These values and culture run throughout the entire business and are to be shared before the recruitment or sales process even begins. To maximize our ability to plan these values, we believe in hiring entry-level talent wherever and whenever we can.

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