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Episode 7: The Real Cyber Talk Podcast

Joined by key members of OWASP Manchester, see how OWASP supports the local cyber community and how you can get involved.

Episode 6: The Real Cyber Talk Podcast

Geopolitics, the importance of anti credential stuffing solutions, and why phishing is still one of the top threats facing the industry.

Episode 5: The Real Cyber Talk Podcast

Threat modelling, flawed logic behind CVE’s and the importance of vulnerability management.

Episode 4: The Real Cyber Talk Podcast

Guest Matt Summers shares insights on enterprise cyber security, the evolution of the role of a CISO & emerging technology.

Episode 3: The Real Cyber Talk Podcast

Andy Ash, CISO at Netacea sheds light on phobias of AI, where it is useful and where it is not.

Episode 2: The Real Cyber Talk Podcast

Meet Stuart Coulson, a seasoned Cyber Ecosystem Project Manager at The University of Manchester.


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