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Episode 2 - Automated Security Testing

The benefits and limitations to automated security testing tools, and how best to use them.

The role of LLMs in Security Testing

Explore real life use cases, practical tips on how to implement and ways to get teams onboard.

Episode 1 - The Need for Continuous Testing

What do we mean by continuous testing and why annual tests no longer cut it.

Episode 7: The Real Cyber Talk Podcast

Joined by key members of OWASP Manchester, see how OWASP supports the local cyber community and how you can get involved.

Episode 6: The Real Cyber Talk Podcast

Geopolitics, the importance of anti credential stuffing solutions, and why phishing is still one of the top threats facing the industry.

Episode 5: The Real Cyber Talk Podcast

Threat modelling, flawed logic behind CVE’s and the importance of vulnerability management.

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